1.1. General information about the car

Cars of the UAZ Hunter family — automobile, the increased passability, a frame design, are equipped with a body with a rigid roof or with removable soft top, intended for transportation of passengers and freights by all views of roads.
Depending on a complete set install petrol carburetor engines of fashion on the UAZ Hunter cars. UMZ-4218.10 and injector engines of fashion. ZMZ-409, and also diesel ZMZ-5143.10 engines.
Transmission is executed according to the scheme of the constant back drive with a possibility of connection of the forward drive and equipped with a demultiplicator. Forward and back suspension brackets of the car dependent. A forward suspension bracket lever and spring with the stabilizer of cross stability, back — spring on two longitudinal semielliptical low-laminated springs. Steering like screw - a ball nut sector, is equipped by the hydraulic booster. Brake mechanisms of forward wheels disk, back — drum. The parking brake is activated by the separate drum mechanism located behind the transfer case.

Fig. 1.1. Overall dimensions of the UAZ Hunter car (mm)

Overall dimensions of cars are shown in fig. 1.1, technical characteristics are given in tab. 1.1.

Fig. 1.2. Podkapotny space of the car: 1 – rechargeable battery; 2 – receiver; 3 – engine; 4 – steering shaft; 5 – tank of the main brake cylinder; 6 – vacuum amplifier of brakes; 7 – coupling switching off hydraulic actuator tank; 8 – block of diagnostics of a control system of the engine; 9 – windshield washer reservoir; 10 – tank of the pump of the hydraulic booster of steering; 11 – adsorber of system of catching of vapors of fuel; 12 – pump of the hydraulic booster of steering; 13 – thermostat; 14 – sound signal; 15 – engine cooling system radiator; 16 – throttle knot; 17 – sensor of a mass consumption of air; 18 – the airbringing pipe; 19 – air filter; 20 – broad tank of the cooling system of the engine

Fig. 1.3. Arrangement of the main knots and units of the car (bottom view in front): 1 – engine cooling system radiator; 2 – draft of a steering bipod; 3 – spring of a forward suspension bracket; 4 – draft of a steering trapeze; 5 – forward bridge; 6 – forward working brake mechanism; 7 – shock-absorber of a forward suspension bracket; 8 – lever of a forward suspension bracket; 9 – stabilizer of cross stability; 10 – engine; 11 – forward driveshaft; 12 – frame

Fig. 1.4. Arrangement of the main knots and units of the car (bottom view behind): 1 – main muffler; 2 – back bridge; 3 – shock-absorber of a back suspension bracket; 4 – spring of a back suspension bracket; 5 – back working brake mechanism; 6 – back driveshaft; 7 – frame; 8 – fuel tank; 9 – transfer case; 10 – transmission; 11 – mechanism of control of the parking brake; 12 – additional muffler

Elements of podkapotny space of the UAZ Hunter cars are shown on fig. 1.2, an arrangement of the main knots and units — in fig. 1.3 and 1.4.

Table 1.1 Technical characteristics of the UAZ Hunter cars