1.2. Passport data

Numbers of the car in podkapotny space are so located: 1 – identification number of the vehicle; 2 – identification number of a body; 3 – model and number of the engine.

Fig. 1.5. Arrangement of identification and certified plates: 1 – identification plate; 2 – certified plate

Identification number (VIN) of the car, the name of manufacturer, year of release, model of the engine are specified in the identification plate of 1 (fig. 1.5) located in an aperture of a back door on an average rack of a body.

Fig. 1.6. Identification plate: 1 – identification number; 2 – engine model

In fig. 1.6 all data on the car provided in the identification plate are shown.
Interpretation of identification number XTT31519570000000:
HTT — an index of the producer;
315195 – car model;
7 – code of model year of release of the car (tab. 1.2);
0000000 – number of a body.

Table 1.2 Code of Model Year of Release of the Car

Model year — the period equal on average to calendar year during which release cars with identical constructive signs.

The mark of conformity and number of approval like the vehicle are specified in the certified plate 2 (see fig. 1.5), located under the identification plate.
The model and number of the engine are beaten out on inflow of the block of cylinders of the engine over its left support.
Identification number of the chassis is located on the right back part of a frame in an arch of a back wing.