1.6. Doors

Forward doors and door of a back are supplied with locks which can be unlocked outside a key (see. "Car keys").
Side doors open, having pressed the button of the external handle or …
… having pulled the internal handle on itself.
From within salon of a door close, having pulled on themselves the handle on an armrest.
Forward doors and door of a back can be blocked outside a key …
… or from within salon, having lowered the blocking handle.

The locks blocked by blocking handles outside do not open.

For opening of sliding glasses of extensions of side doors press handles clamps the button and for the handle or the handle clamp shift the corresponding glass.

So the handle clamp looks: 1 – handle; 2 – locking button; 3 – the unlocking button.

For locking of sliding glasses combine the handle clamp and a cap to the fixed situation (the characteristic click is heard).