10.10.1. Features of a design

Fig. 1.7. Dashboard and governing bodies

Fig. 10.1. A relay arrangement in the relay block: 1 – relay of inclusion of passing beam of headlights; 2 – relay of inclusion of driving beam of headlights; 3 – relay of inclusion of fog lights; 4 – back door glass cleaner relay; 5 – relay of inclusion of a back fog lamp; 6 – relay of screenwash; 7 – relay breaker of indexes of turn

The near and far light of headlights is turned on by means of the relays 1 and 2 (see fig. 10.1) installed in the assembly block. The operating tension moves on relay windings from the switch 2 (see fig. 1.7) light of headlights and indexes of turn if the key of the switch 24 of external lighting is completely pressed.
Irrespective of the provision of a key of the switch 24 it is possible to turn on quickly driving beam of headlights, having pulled on itself the switch lever 2 lights of headlights, i.e. to carry out the light alarm system. At the same time tension on contact of the light alarm system of the switch 2 moves directly from power supplies, passing the ignition switch.
Install on a part of cars the hydroproofreader of headlights who serves for adjustment from a driver's seat of a tilt angle of a beam of light of headlights depending on car loading.
The back fog lamp is included the switch 22 located on the dashboard console. The chain of a back fog lamp is protected by the safety lock installed in the block of safety locks. It is possible to include a back fog lamp only if external lighting is included.
Dimensional light in forward and back lamps joins the switch 24 of external lighting. At the same time lamps of lamps of illumination of registration plate, the lighting lamp of a combination of devices and illumination of switches, and also a control lamp of dimensional light in a combination of devices light up.
Indexes of turn join the switch 2 installed on a steering column. In the mode of the alarm system the switch of the 25th alarm system include all indexes of turn. The blinking of lamps is provided to the relay breaker 7 (see fig. 10.1).
The understeering switch consists of the connector fixed by a collar on an arm of a shaft of the steering mechanism, and two switches. The left switch includes indexes of turn and light of headlights, and right — operates work of washers and cleaners of glasses. Switches are fixed in a connector by latches.

Useful tips
1. If headlights suddenly began to burn dimly, and at inclusion of a signal of turn the lamp of dimensional light begins to blink, restore contact of a "mass" wire with a body.
2. Take yourself in a habit to regularly change lamps (especially head light of headlights). Over time the flask of a lamp grows turbid and brightness of a lamp decreases. And this process happens quite slowly therefore the driver does not notice gradual deterioration in illumination of the road.
3. Recently there are more and more cars at which headlights shine as a New Year tree, various shades of blue color. All this is called the word "xenon" and it is considered very abrupt. No doubt, the xenon headlights established regularly on latest models of foreign cars light the road and the car with them looks much more effectively much better. It is no wonder that many try to improve too the car especially as now on counters the mass of "xenon" lamps of various production appeared (most often Chinese). Be not bought on cheap stuff — such lamps have nothing in common with the real xenon gas-discharge lamps without incandescence threads. These are usual lamps with the painted glass. Light-transmitting ability of such glass is much lower, than at standard lamps, threads at forgeries are, as a rule, established out of focus, and the headlight with such lamp at external showiness practically lights nothing, and will in addition mercilessly stick together counter drivers. Besides producers of such lamps to compensate decrease in a light stream, increase their power much. Often their installation leads to an oplavleniye of isolation of wires and burn-out of printed circuits of assembly blocks. And also the fire is possible. Do not buy "headache" for the money better, and buy usual lamps of high quality.