10.10.3. Adjustment of headlights of head light

You carry out check and adjustment of light of headlights on the equipped car: with completely filled fuel tanks, a set of tools and a spare wheel.
You will need the screw-driver with a crosswise edge.
1. Previously check air pressure in tires and if necessary bring it to norm.

Fig. 10.13. Scheme of adjustment of headlights of head light: 1 – the horizontal line corresponding to the centers of headlights; And, In – the vertical lines corresponding to the centers of headlights; About – the axial line; h – distance from the centers of headlights to a floor; d – distance between centers lamps of headlights

2. Install the car perpendicular to a smooth wall (for example, a garage) at distance of 5 m. Put additional freight weighing 75 kg on the driver's seat. Mark on a wall the screen, as shown in fig. 10.13, and draw on it vertical lines: axial About and the lines A and B passing through the points corresponding to the centers of lamps of passing beam of headlights; lines A and B have to be at distance of 540 mm from the line O. At height of h corresponding to distance of the centers of headlights from a floor draw a line 1 and below it on 65 mm the line of 2 centers of light spots.
3. Turn on passing beam and turn the handle of the hydroproofreader of headlights in situation "0" (this situation corresponds to car loading with one driver).
4. Adjust on the screen screws of manual adjustment of a beam of light the provision of a light spot for each headlight if the arrangement of light spots on the screen does not correspond to the drawing.
5. If it is not possible to adjust light bunches of headlights, check the hydroproofreader of headlights. The faulty hydroproofreader replace.