10.11.1. Features of a design

Screenwash consists of the electric drive, levers and brushes. Movement of brushes parallel.
Three operating modes of a cleaner are provided: the 1st and 2nd modes — constants (but with various speeds of the movement of brushes); the 3rd mode — with the faltering movement of brushes.
The cleaner electric motor — with excitement from permanent magnets, three-brush, with two speeds of rotation. For protection of the electric motor against overloads during freezing of brushes to glass, at the big resistance to their movement or jamming of the mechanism of a cleaner the thermobimetallic safety lock of reusable action established on a cleaner drive arm is intended.
The faltering operating mode of a cleaner is provided to the electronic relays installed in the relay block.
Glass cleaner of a door of a back consists of a motor-reducer, the lever and a brush. Laying of the lever with a brush right in the direction of the movement of the car. In a motor-reducer of a cleaner the thermobimetallic safety lock for protection against overloads is established.
The cleaner joins the right understeering switch. When pressing the switch tension to the electric motor of the pump of a washer and to the electromagnetic valve of a washer of glass of a door of a back moves.

Good advice
Over time inserts of brushes of a screen wiper lose elasticity because of rubber aging therefore brushes adjoin to glass leaky, leaving the crude sites during the work. Temporarily, before acquisition of new brushes, it is possible to try to restore operability of old. Lower them for a minute in pure gasoline, and then carefully wash out water with soap. Often brushes become after that as new again.