10.3.2. Replacement of the relay in the relay block

Fig. 10.1. A relay arrangement in the relay block: 1 – relay of inclusion of passing beam of headlights; 2 – relay of inclusion of driving beam of headlights; 3 – relay of inclusion of fog lights; 4 – back door glass cleaner relay; 5 – relay of inclusion of a back fog lamp; 6 – relay of screenwash; 7 – relay breaker of indexes of turn

The relay arrangement in the block of the relay is shown in fig. 10.1.
You will need a face key "on 10".
1. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
2. Turn out a nut of a hairpin of fastening of the corresponding relay …
3. … also take the relay from a block of a plait of wires.
4. Install the relay upside-down, replace other relays similarly.

Color of the case of a safety lock and its compliance to face value

When replacing the relay remember its designation to get same.