10.4.3. Features of a design of the Bosch generator for the diesel engine

Fig. 10.4. Lubricant of the vacuum pump of the generator: 1 – the depression supply union to the vacuum amplifier of brakes; 2 – the depression supply union to the recirculation valve; 3 – generator; 4 – vacuum pump; 5 – union of the block of cylinders; 6 – an oil supply hose in the vacuum pump; 7 – union of the vacuum pump; 8 – a branch pipe of an oil case of discharge of oil from the vacuum pump; 9 – a hose of discharge of oil from the vacuum pump

With the diesel ZMZ-5143.10 engine install the Bosch generator (6 003 GB5 011) on the UAZ Hunter cars. It represent the three-phase synchronous electrical machine with electromagnetic excitement. The rectifier, the regulator of tension and the vacuum pump are built in the generator. The regulator supports generator tension in the set limits, and the vacuum pump installed on a generator shaft creates vacuum in the amplifier of brakes and in system of recirculation of the fulfilled gases. The surfaces of friction of the vacuum pump are oiled engine of the engine lubrication system which moves through the bringing hose of 6 (fig. 10.4) and the union 7 located on a pump cover.
Air from the vacuum amplifier of brakes and the valve of recirculation, and also surplus of lubricant is taken away via the union and a hose 9 in an oil case of the engine.