10.5.3. Removal and dismantling of a starter 42.3708

It will be required to you: keys "on 8", "on 13", "on 19".
1. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
2. Disconnect wires from two plugs of the traction relay of a starter.
3. Turn off two nuts of the top and lower fastenings and remove a starter.
4. Clear a starter of dirt. Turn out two screws 1 and uncover 2. Turn off a nut 4 and disconnect the tire 3 from the plug of the traction relay.
5. Remove a lock ring 1. Turn off two nuts 2 fastenings and uncover 3 from a collector.
6. Turn out two screws of 1 fastening and remove the traction relay 2. The anchor has to remain on the drive lever.
7. Take out a rubber sealant of 1 lever by means of the screw-driver. Remove an anchor 2 traction relays, having pressed an anchor down, and disconnect from the lever.
8. Remove the stator 1 with the brush holder 2. To disconnect the brush holder from the stator, it is necessary to wring out the ends of springs 3 and to take out two isolated brushes 4 of holders (these brushes remain on stator winding conclusions).
9. Turn out a lever axis, previously having turned off a lock-nut on the other hand.
10. Uncover 1 from the drive and take out the lever 2.
11. Bring down through a mandrel a persistent ring 1 in the direction of an arrow and remove the lock ring established under a persistent ring. Remove from an anchor shaft the drive 2 starters assembled.