10.5.5. Assembly and installation of a starter 42.3708

Collect and establish a starter as it should be, the return to dismantling and removal. At assembly oil pure engine bearings (plugs), a shlitsevy part and pins of a shaft.
After assembly check the size A

Fig. 10.7. Verification of provisions of a gear wheel of the drive of a starter
(fig. 10.7), it has to be no more than 34 mm, for a starter 42.3708-10 size A are equal to 21,5 mm. Turn on the traction relay and measure the size B between an end face of a gear wheel and a persistent ring, it has to be 3–5 mm. If the size B differs from the specified values, adjust its turn lever axes (see. "Removal and dismantling of a starter 42.3708"). For this purpose weaken a lock-nut, turn an axis and tighten a lock-nut. It is recommended to check after final assembly a starter for HUNDRED at the stand of fashion. 532M. The starter is considered serviceable if at a voltage of 12 V it consumes current no more than 80 And yes not less than 5000 min.-1 develop rotation frequency.