10.6.1. Features of a design

On the UAZ Hunter cars use the switch (lock) of ignition (on cars with petrol engines) or the switch of devices and a starter (on cars with diesel engines) with the anti-theft device and blocking of repeated inclusion of a starter without preliminary inclusion of ignition.
At the switch of ignition check correctness of short circuit of contacts at various provisions of a key (tab. 10.5) and operation of the anti-theft device.

The scheme of connections of the lock of ignition is provided in electrical circuitries of electric equipment at the end of the book.

For unloading of contacts the relay is provided in the switch of ignition.
The locking core of the anti-theft device moves forward if to install the ignition key in situation "III" (parking) and to take out a key from the lock. The locking core utaplivatsya after turn of a key from situation "III" (parking) in situation "0" (is switched off). The key can be taken out from the lock only in situation "III".
The blocking device makes impossible repeated turn of a key from situation "I" (ignition) in situation "II" (starter). Such turn is possible only after return of a key to situation "0" (is switched off).

Table 10.5 the Switched-off chains at various provisions of a key