10.7.5. System of onboard self-diagnostics

The controller of system of injection of fuel included the function of diagnosing of sensors and actuation mechanisms defining the most probable malfunctions of system of injection of fuel and revealing malfunction of the controller.
At failure detection in the course of operation of the engine the controller brings the corresponding code of malfunction in the random access memory and at the same time includes an alarm lamp "CHECK the ENGINE". This lamp lights up at emergence of the current malfunctions of system of injection of fuel and burns constantly until elimination of these malfunctions. Distinguish two types of codes of malfunctions: flowing (constantly appearing malfunctions) and saved up (remain in memory of the controller until power off).
With malfunction in a control system of the engine the controller operates the engine in standby mode, however operation of the engine in such mode can lead to increase in fuel consumption, toxicity of the fulfilled gases and deterioration in other operational qualities of the car.

Operation of the car equipped with converter of the fulfilled gases with admissions in operation of one or several cylinders can lead to converter failure.