10.7.6. Search of malfunctions of system of injection of fuel with use of system of onboard self-diagnostics

In the self-diagnostics mode the controller consistently removes signals in the form of flashes of an alarm lamp, thereby displaying the saved-up codes of malfunctions.
If in the self-diagnostics mode the controller cannot define malfunction, then it is necessary to use the special diagnostic scanner. In this case it is necessary to be guided by the instruction attached to the device. The digital code is assigned for each malfunction. It is determined by number of inclusions of an alarm lamp. At first consider number of inclusions of a lamp for determination of the first figure of a code (for example, figure 1 – one short inclusion 0,5 with; figure 2 – two short inclusions). Then there comes the pause lasting 1,5 pages. After its termination count number of inclusions for determination of the second figure of a code, then the third then there comes the pause lasting 4 with and defining the end of a code. If the code three-digit, then the first figure is highlighted during 1 page.
1. Include ignition. The alarm lamp has to light up on 0,5 with and go out if the system of self-diagnostics did not find malfunction. Thus serviceability and the lamp is defined.
2. If in system there is a malfunction, the lamp can burn constantly or only at the working engine. Anyway it is necessary to carry out diagnostics and maintenance of a control system of the engine.
3. Switch off ignition.
4. For transfer of the controller to the self-diagnostics mode:
– switch-off the rechargeable battery on 10-15 with and again connect it;
– launch the engine and let's it work 30–60 with idling;

Fig. 10.12. Diagnostic socket: 1 – socket; 2 – additional wire (crossing point)

– open a cover of the diagnostic socket and a separate wire connect conclusions "10" and "12" sockets according to fig. 10.12.
The socket is installed in a motor compartment on a front board on the right side on an arm, the general for the relay of a control system and the relay of the fuel pump.
5. After transfer of the controller to the self-diagnostics mode the alarm lamp has to highlight three times a code 12 that testifies to the beginning of work of the mode of self-diagnostics. The following codes will display the arisen malfunction or several malfunctions. Each code repeats three times.
After indication of all codes of the available malfunctions the code 12 is highlighted three times and indication of codes repeats. If the controller cannot define malfunction or they are absent, then the code 12 is highlighted.
The main codes of malfunctions are given in tab. 10.7.
The codes of malfunctions which are stored in memory can be removed at removal of the weights plug of the rechargeable battery for the period of more than 10 pages. It is necessary to watch that ignition was switched off in order to avoid damage of the electronic block. Besides, in the list of single malfunctions some time a code 62 – the RAM error will remain.
It is necessary to consider that at shutdown of the rechargeable battery information on a condition of the engine which is saved up in random access memory is erased and at the first start-up the engine can work unsatisfactorily. For adaptation of a control system, having launched the engine, let's it work idling not less than 1 min., and then warm up the engine up to the working temperature and move on the car not less than 1 km in the mode of partial loading of the engine.

Table 10.7 Codes of malfunctions of system of injection of fuel and reason of their emergence