10.8. System of ignition of injector engines

Check and replacement of coils of ignition

In system of ignition the traditional distributor is not used. In it two two-output coils of ignition installed on a cover of a head of the block of cylinders are used. Control of current in primary windings of coils of ignition is exercised by the controller obtaining information from sensors and using two powerful transistor gates.
In system of ignition there are no mobile details therefore it does not demand service and does not need adjustments.
In system of ignition the method of distribution of a spark called by method of a single spark is applied. Cylinders of the engine are integrated in couple 1-4 and 2–3, sparking happens at the same time in two cylinders: in the cylinder in which the compression step (a working spark), and in the cylinder in which there is a release step (a single spark) comes to an end.
Due to the constant direction of current in windings of coils of ignition sparking current at one candle always proceeds from the central electrode on side, and at the second — from a side electrode on central.
In system of ignition apply candles of the A17DVR type or their foreign analogs.
The controller operates ignition in system. The sensor of provision of a bent shaft gives a basic signal on the basis of which the controller counts the sequence of operation of coils in the ignition module in the controller. For exact management of ignition the controller uses the following information:
– frequency of rotation of a bent shaft;
– engine loading (mass consumption of air);
– temperature of cooling liquid;
– provision of a bent shaft;
– existence of a detonation.