11.1. Features of a design

Cars of the UAZ Hunter family of a frame design, are equipped with bodies with rigid or soft top, supplied with bumpers with plastic slips.
The body includes the following hinged elements: a cowl, forward wings, mudguards of a motor compartment, facing of a radiator, a frame of a wind window, side doors and their extensions, a back door with a frame and a metal or soft tarpaulin roof.
Forward wings, mudguards of a motor compartment, cowl, side doors and frame of a back door are attached to a body by bolts. Facing of a radiator fastens bolts to mudguards of a motor compartment and bolts with rubber pillows to a frame.
The windshield is three-layer, type triplex. The glasses of doors and side glasses tempered.
Front seats separate, with adjustment of an inclination of backs and mechanisms of movement in the longitudinal direction, with the easily removable, regulated on height head restraints.
Front and back seats can be established in situation, convenient for rest.
For increase in capacity of a luggage compartment of the UAZ Hunter car it is possible to put either backs of a back seat, or a back seat completely. In interior of the car the lighter, antisolar peaks, a heater, a rear-view mirror and hand-rail are installed. The car is equipped with forward and back eyes for towage.