11.11.2. Replacement of glasses of extensions of side doors

It will be required to you: bokoreza, zaklepochnik.

Frame of a priklepan to an extension seventeen rivets with the detachable core.

1. Drill rivets of fastening of a frame to an extension …
2. … fill an extension glass sealant under a frame …
3. … remove a frame from an extension …
4. … and accurately extract glasses from an extension.
5. Take out a sealant from an extension …

Two drain openings are provided in the lower part of a sealant, at installation of a sealant combine them with deepenings in an extension.

6. … also remove the rests of rivets.
7. Separate a part of laying between an extension and a door and through an opening in an extension remove the rests of rivets then paste laying into place.
8. Establish into place a sealant, glasses, locks of glasses, a frame of an extension and a priklepayta by rivets a frame to an extension.