11.21.1. Wash of the car

Longer to keep a trade dress of the car, regularly you watch a condition of a paint and varnish covering of a body. The body is painted by synthetic enamel of hot drying. Only the qualified masters, and here service on forces to everyone have to make repairs of a covering.
At the heart of service — a regular sink and processing by special protective structures. It is possible to wash a body on a specialized sink (only manually, without application of mechanical brushes) or independently in places, specially allotted for this purpose.
The independent sink will require a bucket and two brushes — big with a long soft bristle (it is better with the long handle) for a sink of a body and small with a rigid bristle for a wash of forward and back panels of a body and disks of wheels, and also several rags.
You should not wash the car in the sun and in the conditions of strong dust content of air at strong wind.

Do not remove dust and dirt a body a dry rag — it is so possible to scratch a paint and varnish covering.
It is forbidden to use gasoline, kerosene, soda and sea water for washing.
It is impossible to wash a body in very frosty weather or to leave on a frost on the car with a wet body: when freezing water on a paint and varnish covering of a body microcracks can be formed.
It is impossible to apply gasoline or solvent to cleaning of plastic details.

Rinse a car body with two-three buckets of water to soften dust and dirt. Then dissolve in a bucket special car shampoo according to the instruction for application (for the bodies painted by a metallic get special, with the draining effect). You apply shampoo with a brush, it is impossible to apply a rag or a sponge: they hold parts of sand and dust which leave microscratches on a paint and varnish covering of a body why it grows dull. When putting shampoo it is possible to rub body surfaces slightly.
One-two buckets of water pour over a body, deleting surplus of shampoo. Then by means of the washed-out brush finally wash up a body clear water.
Let's a body dry within 3–5 min. and rub off dry, deleting stains and traces of potek of water. Flew down and the dashboard can be cleaned in addition special detergents and polishes. It is also possible to arrive with a fabric upholstery of salon which is useful for cleaning the vacuum cleaner from time to time.
After a sink it is useful to process a body special polishes according to the instruction for their application.

Useful tips
For cleaning of details of an upholstery of salon and seats we recommend to use the vacuum cleaner. Delete fat spots from an upholstery with soap solution or special means for cleaning of an interior.
Flew down better to wash with the soft rag moistened in water with addition of the washing liquid.
Wash wheel arches or a stream of water under pressure, or a hair brush. It is convenient to wash out the bottom a hair brush. We recommend to wash the bottom at least once a year, it is desirable prior to winter operation, before restoration of an anticorrosive covering. Periodically wash out the bottom and wheel arches during the winter period to clear them of salt.