11.7. Removal and installation of mudguards of a motor compartment

Removal of mudguards of a motor compartment is shown on the left mudguard, remove the right mudguard similarly.

It will be required to you: the screw-driver with a flat edge, two keys "on 10".
1. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
2. Remove forward wings (see. "Removal and installation of forward wings").
3. Remove facing of a radiator (see. "Removal and installation of facing of a radiator").
4. Remove a power steering tank (see. "Replacement of a tank of the hydraulic booster of the steering mechanism").
5. Remove a windshield washer reservoir (see. "Removal and installation of a washer reservoir of a windshield").
6. Remove an adsorber (see. "Removal and installation of an adsorber").
7. Remove the air filter (see. "Removal and installation of the air filter").
8. Remove a broad tank of the cooling system (see. "Removal and installation of a broad tank").
9. Remove racks of fastening of a radiator (see. "Removal and installation of a radiator").
10. Unbend holders and bring out of them plaits of wires and a tube of the hydroproofreader of headlights.
11. In the similar way bring brake pipelines out of holders.
12. Turn out on one bolt of fastening of mudguards of a motor compartment to a body …

Bolt with a nut of fastening of the left mudguard the wire of "mass" of the engine fastens.

13. … also remove the left mudguard.
14. Similarly remove the right mudguard.
15. Establish mudguards of a motor compartment as it should be, the return to removal.