12.2.2. Special tools and devices

If you often have to repair the car, in addition to the main set buy the special tools necessary for carrying out more complex repair:
– a portable lamp (it is desirable such which works from onboard network of the car). It is necessary during the operation from below of the car, under a cowl and in salon at insufficient lighting. The lamp has to be with the waterproof case with the glass protected from blows;
– rolling jack and rubber or wooden pro-rate;
– a support (trestle type) for work under the car;
– a special key for nuts of brake pipelines;
– an adjustable collet spanner and clamps for reliable fixing of details;
– a dynamometer key for observance of the exact moment of an inhaling of responsible threaded connections, it is desirable to have keys with a limit of measurements  from 5 to 200 N · m;
– the special key for an oil filter, it is used in case the filter does not manage to be unscrewed hands;
– set of strippers of lock rings;
– device for a vypressovka and press fitting of bearings of naves of forward and back wheels;
– a stripper for a vypressovka of fingers of spherical hinges of a suspension bracket and tips of steering drafts;
– a set of probes for definition of gaps at repair and maintenance of the gas-distributing mechanism, transmission, differential , etc.;
– mandrels of various diameters (for a press fitting of bearings, epiploons , etc.);
– the automobile tester used at repair of electric chains and for check of technical condition of devices of electric equipment;
– компрессометр for diagnostics of technical condition of the engine by definition of a compression in cylinders;
– the charger for the rechargeable battery.