12.4.7. Cutting of a carving

Very often in the course of repair there is a need of restoration of the damaged carving or cutting new.
In light-alloy metals the carving is cut quite easily as unlike steel their hardness is low. If it is impossible to cut a carving of the suitable size, cut a carving of the bigger size.
Restoration of the crumpled, damaged carving or cutting of new takes place in three stages, cut a carving consistently three taps: at first a tap with the first number ( it has one ring pro-point on a shaft), then a tap with the second number (with two ring pro-points on a shaft) and at last a tap with the third number (with three ring pro-points or without protocheck). Before a vvorachivaniye taps need to be oiled.
That when cutting a carving the tap did not break, rolling it, periodically turn out for clarification from the formed shaving back.