13.2. Plastic lubricants

Plastic lubricants use for reduction of friction and, as a result, for reduction of wear of details in car knots in which it is impossible or inexpedient to create oil circulation. Plastic lubricant easily gets into a zone of contact of the rubbing details and keeps on their surface. The main advantages of plastic lubricants — the temperature range of application, wide in comparison with engine oils, ability not to follow and not to be squeezed out from unpackaged frictional units. A lack of plastic lubricants — keeping of products of mechanical and corrosion wear which increase the speed of destruction of the rubbing surfaces so and worsen heat removal from the greased details.

It is impossible to mix among themselves plastic lubricants of various structures because of possible change of their physical characteristics (fluidifying and decrease in temperature of drop falling).

At the choice of plastic lubricants for concrete knot of the car it is necessary to know their physical characteristics, efficiency of greasing of the rubbing surfaces and compatibility with the materials contacting to lubricant.