13.3. Cooling liquids

In the cooling system of the UAZ Hunter cars it is recommended to fill in the low-freezing liquid — antifreeze — water solution of ethylene glycol with addition of additives and neutral dye.
In the concentrated look ethylene glycol has high corrosion activity, its temperature of boiling +170os. Because of what temperature of crystallization of ethylene glycol in the concentrated look makes – 20 ° C for fall of temperature of crystallization it is diluted with the distilled water (tab. 13.1). For neutralization of corrosion activity add special additives to ethylene glycol. For difference from other operational liquid and simplification of determination of level in a broad tank of the cooling system of the engine add dye to antifreeze.

 Table 13.1 Dependence of Concentration of Ethylene Glycol on Antifreeze Crystallization Temperature