15.2. Recommendations about launch of the engine in a hard frost

The main problem in the winter — launch of the cold engine. More often it arises in relation to carburetor motors, but in a hard frost it also the owner of the car can face the injector engine. The reasons are known: the thickened oil, falling of capacity of the rechargeable battery and bad evaporation of gasoline.
One of versions of the solution of this problem — installation of electric devices of heating of liquid of the cooling system of the engine (prestarting heaters).
The main lack of electroheating of cooling liquid consists that at the house or office it is necessary to have a special guard with the socket. An exit — an autonomous heater and uses liquid fuel which is built in the cooling system of the engine too by the principle of the boiler. As fuel for it serves gasoline or diesel fuel depending on what the engine of your car works at.
The advantage of systems of heating consists also that at their application the engine resource increases. Each launch of the cold motor at a temperature of -20 °C is equivalent to a run of 800 km. By the way, according to modern views, the motor will reach working temperature quicker, and its wear will be less if after start-up to do not stand still, and to begin the movement as soon as possible, avoiding, of course, excessive load of the engine.

Installation of heaters of the cooling system of the engine should be carried out only at company service stations.

The procedure of launch of the engine without prestarting heater in hard frosts practically does not differ from habitual. It is possible only to recommend to perform the following preparatory operations facilitating launch of the cold engine.
1. If the car stood more than one night, after inclusion of ignition before launch of the engine wait 3–5 with that the electrogasoline pump managed to increase gasoline pressure in a power supply system to the worker.
2. Capacity of the rechargeable battery on a hard frost decreases, and energy consumption on a provorachivaniye of a bent shaft of the engine with the thickened oil it is much more. To increase service life of the rechargeable battery, before inclusion of a starter include on 30-60 about driving beam of headlights, using the understeering switch in the mode of the light alarm system. Because of passing of small current in the rechargeable battery chemical processes and its ability to give energy significantly begin increases.
3. If the engine was not launched from the first attempt (the starter worked 5–10 c), the second can be undertaken not earlier than through 30 pages. If the engine was not started from the third attempt, it is necessary to look for malfunctions in power supply systems and ignitions.

Good advice
Do not try to launch in a hard frost the engine towage. At such start-up often there is a jumping of a gear belt of the drive of the gas-distributing mechanism, expensive repair of the engine as a result will be required.