2.3.1. At daily operation

Fig. 2.1. The tools and accessories attached to the car: 1 – jack; 2 – a key for adjustment of bearings of naves; 3 – candle key; 4 – a key for nuts of wheels and the jack handle extender

Now at manufacturer cars complete with minimum possible tool kit by means of which it is only possible to replace a wheel or the fused lamp (fig. 2.1).
Therefore we recommend to keep always in the car the following additional tools and accessories, and also spare parts.
Tools and accessories (fig. 2.2):

Fig. 2.2. Tools and accessories

– the first-aid kit of first aid (automobile) approved by the order of Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry of Russia of 01.04.2002 No. 106;
– wires for launch of the engine from an external source;
– fire extinguisher;
– a key for spark plugs;
– towing cable;
– universal repair structure like "cold welding";
– hammer;
– passatizh;
– assembly shovel;
– the tire pump with the manometer;
– tool kit with special keys (candle, for traffic jams of drain and bulk openings). If it is absent, then two screw-drivers with crosswise and flat edges, set combined (or as a last resort Rozhkov) keys from "8" to "24" are necessary;
– knife;
– scissors;
– hammer of the average sizes;
– sign of an emergency stop;
– portable lamp;
– spare wheel.
Spare parts (fig. 2.3):

Fig. 2.3. Spare parts for the car

– lamp of the index of turn;
– stoplight lamp;
– headlight lamp (passing/driving beam);
– headlight lamp (dimensional light);
– the isolated wire about a meter long;
– belts of the drive of the generator, conditioner and pump of the power steering;
– lamp of the side index of turn;
– tire gate zolotnik;
– set of safety locks;
– a hose for pumping of hydraulic actuators;
– high-voltage wire (longest);
– spark plugs (it is possible old, but workers);
– bottle of brake fluid;
– the spare camera (to insert it into the tubeless tire at strong damage);
– sensor of provision of a bent shaft of the engine;
– the coil of ignition it (is desirable).
The hank of an insulating tape, bottle of universal lubricant of the WD-40 type and plastic bottle with water (1–2 l) can be useful. And to ensure safety when raising the car a jack, two emphasis under wheels in the form of wedges will be required. And in the winter or at country trips also the small shovel can be necessary.