2.4. Operation of the car during the guarantee period

Carry out maintenance and car repairs during the guarantee period only at the specialized enterprises of maintenance which addresses are given in the service book. Employees of service stations are obliged to bring in coupons of the service book of a mark about passing of maintenance and warranty repair with the indication of the carried-out works, otherwise the guarantee for the car is cancelled.
Besides, the owner of the car loses guarantee maintenance in the following cases.
1. If the instructions and requirements stated in the operation manual on manufacturer are violated.
2. At non-compliance with the interservice run specified in the service book between planned maintenance.
3. At damage of the car as a result of the road accident.
4. At independent removal and repair of knots and units of the car during the guarantee period.
5. When replacing standard knots and units on not provided by a car design.
6. At installation of the additional equipment which is not recommended by manufacturer.
7. In case of use of the car on races or competitions.