2.5. Car running in

During a running in of the car (tab. 2.1) occurs intensive extra earnings of details. Reliability, durability and profitability of your car will depend on the correct operation during this period. There have to pass a running in the new car and the car with the replaced (capitally repaired) engine.
In the period of a running in carry out the following service regulations of the car.
1. Before each departure check and if necessary you bring to norm air pressure in tires.
2. Do not allow operation of the engine at the increased frequency of rotation of a bent shaft (the arrow of a tachometer should not reach a yellow zone of a scale).
3. In due time, according to road conditions you pass to the lowest transfer to avoid undesirable overloads of the engine.
4. For the best extra earnings of brake shoes try to avoid sharp braking.
5. Avoid driving on deep snow, sand, dirt.
6. Do not change the engine oil which is filled in at the plant.
7. Do not tow the trailer and whenever possible try not to tow other cars.
8. Apply "soft" style of driving of the car, avoiding sharp dispersals, braking, maneuvering.

Table 2.1 car running in Periods