2.6. Preparation of the car for departure

Check of wheels

Before starting on the journey, check technical condition of the car. It will take no more than 15 min., but during a trip you will be sure of serviceability of systems and units. We recommend to carry out this check and at daily operation of the car. The part of works can be performed during warming up of the engine to save time.
1. Surely check air pressure in tires and if necessary finish it to recommended (tab. 2.2). The difference of values of pressure within 0,2–0,3 kgfs/cm2 can worsen controllability parameters, smoothness of the course of the car and to lead to an undesirable drift or demolition when braking. Because of the lowered pressure in tires the protector wears out quicker and more fuel is spent.

The table 2.2 Air Pressure in tires, MPa (kg/cm2)

2. Examine the parking lot under the car. If are found begin to flow oil or operational liquids, check tightness of units and systems of the car. Whenever possible eliminate a leak before departure.
3. Check oil level in a case of the engine and if necessary add oil.
4. Check levels of brake fluid in a tank of the main cylinder of a brake, cooling liquid in a broad tank and working liquid in a power steering tank. If necessary bring levels of liquids to norm. We recommend to check oil level in the transmission and if necessary to add oil.
5. Check operation of the parking brake. For this purpose, lifting the lever against the stop, count the number of clicks. If clicks more than eight, the parking brake has to be adjusted.
6. Check a sound signal.
7. Check work of headlights, back lamps and indexes of turn.
8. Check operation of instrumentations, cleaners and washers of a windshield and glass of a door of a back.
9. Before a trip on the motionless car surely check operation of the brake system, having pressed a brake pedal. If the pedal without resistance "failed" to a floor, so the brake system is faulty. Operation of such car is forbidden.