3.1.1. The engine is cold

From the moment of switching off of the engine there passed not less than 6 h at a temperature of external air of +20 °C and not less than 3 h at –20 °C, oil temperature in a case of the engine coincides with ambient temperature. Methods of launch of the engine with system of injection of fuel are identical at any temperature of external air.
1. Open a cowl, having pulled on themselves the handle of the drive of its lock.
2. Measure by the Masloizmeritelny probe oil level. It has to be between tags "0" and "П".
3. Check levels brake...
4.... and cooling liquids.
5. Attentively examine the engine and podkapotny space. Pay attention on begin to flow gasoline, oil, the brake and cooling liquids. Be convinced of an electrical wiring integrity. Check landing of high-voltage wires in ignition module nests, on candles.
6. Include ignition, having turned a key in the ignition switch in situation "I". At the same time the electrogasoline pump will join. Without closing a cowl (in case of a rain or snowfall cover it), you take the wheel. Launch the engine.

Good advice
It is better to close a cowl after the engine begins to work. Before it it is desirable to examine once again the engine, to be convinced of lack of leaks of fuel, oil, cooling liquid, foreign sounds in its work.

If the engine was not started, there are three main reasons:
– the system of start-up does not work;
– the system of ignition does not work;
– the power supply system does not work.