3.1.2. Engine warm or hot

Oil temperature in a case of the engine is higher than ambient temperature.
For start-up it is only necessary to include a starter, without touching an accelerator pedal. The control system of the engine will independently set parameters of supply of fuel and ignition, necessary for start-up.

Good advice
If at the injector engine for any reason during unsuccessful attempt of start-up spark plugs "are filled in", use the purges mode of cylinders. For this purpose press an accelerator pedal against the stop and include a starter. In this mode supply of fuel is absent and from cylinders a stream of fresh air excess gasoline is removed, spark plugs dry. After a purge repeat start-up attempt regularly.

If the engine was not started, there are three main reasons:
– the system of start-up does not work;
– the system of ignition does not work;
– the power supply system does not work.