3.1.4. Check of system of ignition

On your car the microprocessor system of ignition (MPSZ) of high energy is installed. Voltage about 40 000 V is brought to high-voltage wires and though at the small size of current it is harmless for life, the possible blow by current when checking system of ignition can lead to serious consequences. Therefore if you undertake a high-voltage wire at the included ignition, use a thick rubber glove or as a last resort passatizham with the isolated handles.

It will be required to you: screw-drivers with direct and crosswise edges, passatizh with the isolated handles, a tester.
1. At the switched-off ignition check an integrity and landing of high-voltage wires in ignition coils.
2. Check sockets of a plait of wires of the MPSZ control unit.
3. For check of serviceability of high-voltage wires check existence of a spark on spark plugs. Remove a high-voltage wire from any spark plug. Insert a spare spark plug into a wire tip and press it a metal part to "mass" of the car. Turn a starter a bent shaft of the engine.
4. If there is no spark, replace high-voltage wires new. It is possible previously to try to establish old, but checked, "from the working car".
5. If the spark did not appear, check ignition coils (see section 10 "Electric equipment"). If the spark is, but the engine is not started, replace spark plugs new. It is possible previously also to try to establish old, but checked, "from the working car".
6. If after that the engine is not started, check serviceability of a control system of the engine by codes of malfunctions (see. "Search of malfunctions of system of injection of fuel with use of system of onboard self-diagnostics").