3.11.10. Vibration and blows on a steering wheel

From below malfunctions not only suspension brackets, but also steering of the car can be the cause of knocks.

The condition of steering substantially influences not only convenience of driving, but also traffic safety.

Bad condition of spherical hinges of steering drafts and the steering mechanism, condition of wheels and pivot knot of the car can be the reason of knocks and vibrations on a steering wheel. For check of steering put the car on the horizontal platform and do the following operations.
1. Sharply turning a steering wheel in both directions (it the assistant has to do), check visually and aurally fastening of the steering mechanism (movements of the mechanism on bolts of fastening and knocks are not allowed)...

If the case of the steering mechanism moves here and there, it is necessary to tighten its fastening to a frame.

2.... an axial side play in hinges of tips of steering drafts...

Surely replace a tip of steering draft with the damaged cover of the hinge or the raised gap in the hinge new. When replacing tips of steering drafts violation of corners of a convergence of wheels is possible.

3.... reliability of an inhaling and latching of nuts of fingers of spherical hinges.
4. Under the dashboard check a side play in shlitsevy connections of cardan hinges of an intermediate shaft of a steering column (it is necessary to remove an understeering casing).
5. Attentively examine tires of forward wheels. Strong blows from a road surface, especially at hit in hollows, can cause stratification of threads of a cord in a framework of the tire and emergence of camber ("hernia") or a distortion of the tire.

The imbalance of forward wheels can be the possible reason of vibration and blows on a steering wheel at the movement with a speed over 70-80 km/h. Address on car service or point of mounting for check of balancing of forward wheels.
If blows and vibration on a steering wheel appear at the time of pressing a brake pedal, replacement of brake shoes, repair or replacement of forward brake disks is necessary (see section 9 "Brake system").