3.11.2. Knocks in a suspension bracket and transmission

At emergence of foreign knocks in a suspension bracket of the moving car it is necessary to establish at once their source irrespective of, constant it is knock or appears only at journey of roughnesses.

Malfunctions in a suspension bracket and steering can lead to serious accident.

It is better to check a condition of a suspension bracket, having installed the car on a platform, a viewing ditch or the elevator and if there is no such opportunity, it is possible to do this work on the free flat platform, though with smaller conveniences.
Begin check with attentive survey of a condition of details of a suspension bracket.
1. Check a condition of rubber-metal hinges of a suspension bracket, rubber plugs of a bar of the stabilizer and reliability of fastening of their brackets.
2. Attentively examine suspension bracket levers. Cracks and mechanical damages of levers are inadmissible.
3. Examine plugs of the top and lower fastenings of forward and back shock-absorbers. Replace plugs with the rubber torn, cracked or squeezed out on the one hand.
4. Pay attention to system of production of the fulfilled gases. Very often owing to application of non-standard elements or break of elements of a suspension bracket of the muffler it can become a source of strong knock, especially at throttlings. For check stop the engine, attentively examine system of release, check reliability of fastening and a suspension bracket of the muffler. Having undertaken the end of an exhaust pipe, shake the muffler up-down and here and there — knocks should not be.