3.12.2. Check of the brake system

1. Unsatisfactory operation of the vacuum amplifier can be the cause of loss of efficiency of braking. For its express check press several times a brake pedal at the idle engine to remove depression in the amplifier, and then, holding a pedal, launch the engine. If after launch of the engine the pedal fell a little, the vacuum amplifier is serviceable.
2. If the pedal remained motionless, check an integrity and reliability of fastening of a hose to the backpressure valve of the vacuum amplifier and to an inlet pipe of the engine. Replace a faulty hose or repair. If the hose is serviceable, replacement of the vacuum amplifier is required (see section 9 "Brake system").
3. If braking is followed by a beating and a pulsation of a brake pedal, it is necessary to check first of all a condition of forward disk brake mechanisms.
Having installed the car on a jack, remove a forward wheel and check mobility of brake shoes. For this purpose through a window in a bracket try to move with the screw-driver blocks in support nests. If blocks cannot be taken away from a brake disk, so they lost mobility in nests of a support or "jammed" the piston in the brake cylinder.

Jamming of the piston of the brake cylinder leads to constant snubbing of the corresponding wheel at the released pedal and a drift of the car when braking.

4. Check mobility of blocks. If they move with difficulty, clear face surfaces of the bases of blocks and a nest in a support of dirt and a rust, having provided absolutely free movement of blocks. At the same time check thickness of overlays of blocks. If it less than 1,5-2 mm, replace blocks.
5. Examine a brake disk. Thickness of a brake disk has to be not less than 20,4 mm. The surface of a disk has to be equal and smooth on both sides. If the disk surface in places is covered with a rust that usually happens after the long parking of the car to not dried brakes, try to smooth out a working surface a small emery cloth. If this procedure did not help, it is necessary to give disks to grinding or to replace new.