3.13.1. Replacement of a wheel

It will be required to you: a key "on 22" for nuts of fastening of wheels, a jack, an antiretractable emphasis, a spare wheel, the manometer, the pump.

Before work install the car on the flat platform and enclose an antiretractable emphasis under wheels. If you change a forward wheel, slow down the car the parking brake.

1. Remove a cover from a spare wheel.
2. Turn out three bolts of fastening of a spare wheel to an arm on a back door …
3. … remove a spare wheel and put it on the earth near the replaced wheel.
4. A balloon key or a head weaken an inhaling of five nuts of fastening of a wheel.
5. Having raised a bridge beam a jack, you will hang out the replaced wheel, finally turn off nuts and remove a wheel.

Raise the car a jack on height necessary for removal and installation of a wheel.
Try that the car was in the hung-out state with the removed wheel it is as little as possible time.
If you use soft soil, enclose a thick board under the jack basis. Do not apply bricks to this purpose — they easily break up, the car can break from a jack, having hard injured you.

6. Establish a spare wheel. Wrap fastening nuts, without tightening them it is final. Lower the car and evenly tighten nuts of fastening of a wheel.
7. Check pressure in tires and if necessary bring it to norm.