3.4.3. Breakthroughs at the established movement

Such breakthroughs are most often caused by malfunction of system of ignition. Diagnostics and repair are necessary (see section 10 "Electric equipment"). In way it is possible to try to execute independently following:
– attentively examine podkapotny space. Switch off ignition and check reliability of fastening and landing of all wires and sockets at the module of ignition and high-voltage wires. Launch the engine and listen to its work: a crash at breakdown of high voltage "on weight" weak, but distinct. In complete darkness it is well visible a spark at breakdown;
– replace spark plugs irrespective of their state and a run. Pay attention to a condition of candles: if it abnormal, perhaps, it is necessary to repair the engine or its systems.
Damage of the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve can be the specific cause of breakthroughs at the established movement of the car with the injector engine. The additional symptoms confirming malfunction of this sensor:
– uneven operation of the engine idling;
– decrease in the maximum engine capacity.
The sensor non-demountable and therefore is not maintainable. If malfunction of the sensor is revealed (see. "A control system of the engine"), replace it assembled.