3.9.1. Check of electric equipment

1. Check whether the belt of the drive of auxiliary units is torn off. If the belt is whole, check its tension. Press a thumb a belt from above and look as far as it caved in. If the deflection does not meet standard, adjust a tension (see. "Check and adjustment of a tension of a belt of the drive of the generator and water pump").
2. If the belt is tense normally, check whether the corresponding safety lock fused. The arrangement of safety locks and their face values are specified in the present manual (see section 10 "Electric equipment"), on covers of blocks of safety locks and on safety locks. If the safety lock fused, replace it, launch the engine and check whether the lamp of the category of the rechargeable battery went out. If the lamp went out, it is possible to continue the movement.

Do not put the safety locks calculated on bigger rated current as it can lead to damage of electric equipment and even to the fire.

3. If the alarm lamp of the category of the rechargeable battery did not go out, check the wire going from the generator to the "plus" plug of the rechargeable battery. Wires can be torn off, broken off in isolation, and their contacts — oxidized or unreliable. Eliminate malfunction and launch the engine. If there was charging current, it is possible to continue the movement.
If after the taken measures the alarm lamp continues to burn at the working engine, then the possible cause of defect is covered in the generator. The reasons can be a little, and it is better to eliminate them in the conditions of car service or a garage, and you need to hope that there will be enough energy stock in the rechargeable battery that to reach them.

Good advice
To reduce consumption of current at the movement of the car with the faulty generator, whenever possible switch-off the radio receiver, excess devices of lighting, the heater fan and so forth.

The voltmeter of a direct current with a scale to 15–30 V is necessary for check of the regulator on the car, 1,0 are not worse than a class of accuracy. After 15 min. operation of the engine on average turns at the included headlights measure tension between the 30 plug (it is shown by an arrow) and "mass" of the generator. Tension has to be in limits of 13,6-14,6 Century. In case the systematic nedozaryadka or a recharge of the rechargeable battery is observed and adjustable tension does not keep within the specified limits, the regulator of tension needs to be replaced.