4.1.1. Safety regulations

The fulfilled gases are toxic! If it is necessary to start the engine in a garage or other room, provide good ventilation or surely open gate.
Starting repair or service of electric equipment, at first surely disconnect a wire from the - plug of the rechargeable battery.
Gasoline, antifreeze and nonfreezing liquid are toxic therefore observe precautionary measures when filling the car with technical liquids.
It is forbidden to work under the car lifted by a jack. Surely establish under a support body.
It is forbidden to smoke and use an open flame during the filling and service of the car.
It is forbidden to check operation of the generator, having disconnected wires from the rechargeable battery, and operability of system of ignition "on a spark".
When raising the car a jack surely turn on the parking brake and enclose under wheels from the opposite side a suitable emphasis.