4.1. General provisions

Safety regulations
Regulations of maintenance

Service of the car during a warranty period needs to be carried out only at the service stations (SS) with an obligatory mark about work in coupons of the service book, otherwise you lose a guarantee for the car.
For long preservation of the car in good repair we recommend and to see off upon termination of a warranty period for HUNDRED complex works on maintenance.
In this section of work on maintenance of the car are united in two conditional groups: the daily service (DS) and maintenance — first (TO-1) and second (TO-2). Now such technological scheme on company HUNDRED is not applied: service in different volumes is carried out after the certain run or through certain time. Works are united in three conditional groups on degree of labor input and frequency of carrying out for convenience of the choice of terms and technical capabilities of execution. More exact division of works on terms and a run is given in the service book enclosed to the car and to tab. 4.1.

Table 4.1 Regulations of Maintenance
1 - For the cars having these knots and details in a design.
2 - At installation of nozzles into place replace sealing laying and if necessary a fuel-supply line of high pressure.
3 - Tighten fastenings of a head of the block of cylinders through 1000 km of a run after each removal of a head.
4 - Replace working liquid and the filter in a tank of system of the hydraulic booster of steering through 100 000 km of a run or every two years (depending on what will come earlier).