4.2.2. Check of level and dolivka of cooling liquid

It will be required to you: cooling liquid, pure rag.
The broad tank is installed in podkapotny space on the right mudguard of a motor compartment.

Check the level of cooling liquid only on the cold engine.
Cooling liquid is toxic therefore during the work with it observe precautionary measures.
Do not pour liquid to a tank mouth edge as during the operation of the engine its volume will increase.
At launch of the engine the stopper of a broad tank has to be closed.

Useful tips
Constantly you watch the level of cooling liquid. Its sharp decrease or increase has to become a signal for the immediate appeal to car service.
If svezhezality antifreeze suddenly unexpectedly quickly changed color with blue on brown, so sold you a fake to which "forgot" to add corrosion inhibitors. As soon as possible replace liquid until it managed to corrode the cooling system.

1. The minimum level of liquid has to be not lower than a tag of "MIN" applied on a wall of a broad tank.
2. For a dolivka of liquid turn off a stopper of a broad tank …
3. … and through a funnel add cooling liquid to the required level …

The minimum level of cooling liquid in a broad tank has to be 3-4 cm higher than a tag of "MIN".

4. … at the same time the level of cooling liquid in a radiator has to be not lower than an edge of a bulk mouth.
5. For removal of an air stopper in a hose remove a radiator stopper, having turned it counterclockwise approximately on 180 °, and add liquid in a broad tank until level in a mouth of a radiator does not begin to increase. Increase in level means that liquid from a broad tank began to come to a radiator, forcing out an air stopper.

If after a dolivka the level of cooling liquid in a broad tank was slightly higher shown on a photo (see item 1), it is not necessary to lower it. However over the level of liquid there have to be not less than 60 mm of free space for compensation of increase in volume of liquid in operating time of the engine.

6. Wrap traffic jams of a broad tank and a radiator and wipe a pure rag the spilled liquid.