4.2.8. Check of level and dolivka of windshield washer fluid of glass of a door of a back

It will be required to you: in the summer — clear water; in the winter — nonfreezing liquid for washers of glasses.
1. Open a niche hatch cover behind a back left wing.

Useful tips
Use the nonfreezing liquid of production of well-known companies which is not containing methanol hazardous to health.
Do not dilute nonfreezing liquid for economy at air temperature increase. Besides freezing temperature increase, at the diluted liquid the washing properties sharply worsen.

2. Remove a tank stopper.
3. Add liquid to level about 1 cm lower than a jellied mouth. Establish a tank stopper.
4. Check the direction of streams of liquid from washer jets. They have to be sent to the top zone of glass of a door of a back.
5. For change of the direction of a stream of liquid from a jet of a washer insert a needle (or a pin) into an opening of a jet and turn a spherical head of a jet in the necessary direction (the spherical head of a jet of a washer turns in all directions).