4.3.12. Check of tightness of a hydraulic actuator of brakes

Check tightness external examination:
– from above from under a cowl;
– from below the car (on the elevator or a viewing ditch);
– from sides, with the removed wheels.

Good advice
You carry out survey of the part of a hydraulic actuator working under pressure with the assistant. He has to press 4–5 times a brake pedal (having created thereby pressure in a hydraulic actuator) and to hold it pressed until you examine a hydraulic actuator. Survey of the hydraulic actuator which is not under pressure, let us assume, but is less effective.

At detection of depressurization of connections tighten collars, caps, nuts. Replace hoses and pipelines with mechanical damages. At violation of tightness of wheel cylinders repair or replace cylinders.

1. Examine a tank of the main cylinder...
2.... connections of pipelines with the main cylinder and its stopper.
3. Examine a hose of the drive of forward brakes, connection of a hose with the wheel cylinder, the union for production of air...
4.... connections of pipelines with pressure regulator...
5.... a hose from connection with the pipeline to a tee of forward and back contours of system...
6.... pipelines on a case of the back bridge from a tee to wheel cylinders.
7. Examine connection of the pipeline with the wheel cylinder and the union for production of air.
8. Examine protective caps of the wheel cylinder. Carefully (not to damage) shift caps the screw-driver about the protocheck on the case of the wheel cylinder. Check whether is not present in these cavities of brake fluid.