4.3.17. Check of overall performance of the brake system

It is desirable to check overall performance of the brake system at special brake stands (similar stands of traffic police applies when carrying out technical inspection of cars) as the car is equipped with the anti-blocking system which is not allowing to bring braking to a skid of wheels (before receiving accurate traces of a brake way on asphalt). As a last resort approximate complex evaluation of the work of the brake system can be carried out on the flat horizontal platform closed for traffic.
Accelerate the car without loading (in salon only the driver) on the I transfer to speed about 15 km/h. Sharply press a pedal of a brake and do not release it to a full stop of the car.
If when braking there was a car drift, leave it and examine the marks left by wheels. The brake trace of a serviceable wheel of the car with anti-blocking system is very small and almost imperceptible as the wheel does not slide, and slides on the verge of failure in a skid. If at any wheel the brake track of the L of its blocking is covered accurately up, address to car service as the anti-blocking system is faulty.
If brake traces of all wheels are visible, but are hardly noticeable (there are no black marks left by the sliding tire), and length of all traces is identical at the left and on the right, then the brake system is serviceable. Otherwise repair system.

The following ratios have to be observed:
L lion. lane = L rights. lane = L lion. задн. = = L rights. задн.