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4.3.9. Survey and check of steering on the car

At each maintenance check a condition of steering on which traffic safety depends.
At steering survey pay special attention to a condition of protective covers and threaded connections. Surely replace the rubber covers torn, cracked or lost elasticity, otherwise the water which got to knots, dust and dirt will quickly put them out of action. Check a condition of the hoses and pipelines connecting the pump of the hydraulic booster of steering, its tank and the steering mechanism.
Check an arrangement of spokes of a steering wheel which at the rectilinear provision of forward wheels have to be symmetrized rather vertical axis. Otherwise define a cause of defect and eliminate it.
Turning a steering wheel from an emphasis against the stop, check visually and aurally:
– reliability of fastening of the steering mechanism and steering wheel;
– lack of a gap in plugs of steering drafts and spherical hinges of tips of steering drafts;
– reliability of an inhaling and latching of nuts of fingers of spherical hinges;
– lack of the jammings and hindrances interfering turn of a steering wheel.
If you find knocks and jammings, disconnect steering drafts from rotary levers of telescopic racks and repeat check. If knocks and jammings do not stop, remove the steering mechanism from the car and repair.
1. Sharply turning a steering wheel in both directions (it the assistant has to do), check visually and aurally fastening of the steering mechanism to a cross-piece of a forward suspension bracket. Movements of the mechanism on bolts of fastening and knocks are not allowed.
2. Check existence of side plays in spherical hinges of tips. Replace tips which hinges have a notable side play. Check reliability of an inhaling of nuts of fingers of spherical hinges.