4.4.1. Replacement of cooling liquid

According to the recommendation of manufacturer cooling liquid should be replaced in 2 years of operation. Besides, if cooling liquid changed color on reddish, immediately replace it as this change demonstrates that the inhibiting additives were produced and liquid became aggressive in relation to cooling system details.
It will be required to you: a key "on 14", capacity for the merged liquid, a funnel.

Replace cooling liquid only on the cold engine. Cooling liquid is toxic therefore be careful during the work with it.
At launch of the engine of a stopper of a radiator and a broad tank have to be closed.

1. When replacing cooling liquid the crane of a heater has to be open.
2. Substitute under the engine and a radiator of capacity for liquid discharge.
3. Remove a stopper from a broad tank.
4. Turn out a drain stopper of a radiator and merge liquid from a radiator.
5. Put on a suitable hose the drain crane of the block of cylinders or substitute under it the capacity of the suitable size, open the crane and merge liquid from the block.
6. After all liquid flows out, close the drain crane and establish a stopper.
7. Fill in fresh liquid in a broad tank.
8. Liquid level in a broad tank has to be 3-4 cm higher than a tag of "MIN". Launch the engine and let's it work idling several minutes. Then kill the engine and check the level of cooling liquid, if necessary add.