4.4.14. Replacement and service of spark plugs

On the engine candles of the A14DVR or LR17YC type are established.
It will be required to you: a special candle key "on 21" with a rubber ring inside, round wire probes.
1. Take out a candle tip with a sealant, without disconnecting a high-voltage wire from a tip.
2. A candle key turn out a candle and take out it from a cover well (the candle remains clamped in a rubber ring of a key).
3. If on the insulator of a candle cracks are noticeable, the carving or electrodes of a candle is damaged, replace a candle.

Pay attention to a deposit which covered the lower part of a candle. If the deposit of light brown color evenly covers a candle with a thin layer, it can be not cleared as it does not influence work of system of ignition. If there is no deposit at all, so the engine uses the regrown poor mix or with the increased ignition advancing corner. If the candle is covered with an opaque black deposit which is easily erased, it indicates that the engine uses the reenriched mix. The brilliant black deposit demonstrates hit of excessive amount of oil in the engine cylinder. The deposit of black color needs to be cleaned off the sanding device, and then to blow I shine with compressed air. It is possible to clean off a deposit from a candle a rigid hair brush, previously having lowered a candle for 20–30 min. in gasoline. It is not recommended to clean off a deposit sharp metal objects: they will leave on a scratch candle which will accelerate process of a nagaroobrazovaniye. If elements of a control system of the engine are serviceable, the consumption of oil is normal, and candles constantly become covered by a black raid, then candles are faulty irrespective of service life.

4. After cleaning of a deposit check a gap between candle electrodes. Check a gap only the round probe as when checking the flat probe will not consider dredging depth on a side electrode which is formed during the work of a candle. The gap has to be 0,85 mm. If the gap differs from the specified value, adjust it, turning in a side electrode.

It is forbidden to turn in the central electrode — it will lead to emergence of cracks in the insulator and to a candle exit out of operation.

5. Screw a candle in a nest by hand against the stop and tighten a key. Do not tighten a candle too strongly, the moment of an inhaling of a candle of 31-38 N · m (3,1–3,8 kgfs · м).
6. Put on a tip a candle and establish its sealant so that the bottom edge of a sealant was put on an opening otbortovka in a cover of a head of the block of cylinders.

Useful tips
It is recommended to replace all candles through 10–15 thousand km of a run irrespective of their state. At failure of one candle it is recommended to replace all set irrespective of an operational run. It is not recommended to use on the engine of a candle of different brands at the same time. Times when the question of what candles to buy, was irrelevant sank into the past and it was possible to get only domestic and only that model, as on the car. Now on counters the huge choice of candles honor all foreign producers. And it is natural, "samopalshchik" right there began to forge them. not to buy a fake, first of all pay attention to packing: quality of polygraphy at the real producers is faultless, and at counterfeit — contours of drawings often do not coincide. If there is no packing at all, further survey of candles does not make sense — company candles without it do not happen. Then examine candles. The central electrode has to be an accurate cylindrical form, and its surface has to be absolutely smooth. If on an electrode there are defects and besides he is crookedly established, before you a fake. The side electrode at a counterfeit candle often too is welded crookedly, and its sides slanting. At company candles the carving is produced a nakatka therefore it is absolutely smooth. At counterfeit candles it is cut and has small chips. The sealing ring of the real candle cannot be removed. At counterfeit it or is screwed together on a carving, or easily is removed. Insulator of the real candle absolutely smooth and brilliant. At a counterfeit candle longitudinal seams are often visible from it is inexact the joined compression mold. And at last, the inscription on the insulator has to be accurate, equal and accurate. Still we will note that the real company candles cannot be cheap. Too low price has to guard you.
Sometimes at intensive dispersal with "promotion" of the engine almost to the maximum turns there are sharp breakthroughs perceived as blows. Spark plugs are guilty though check by a pyezotester ("gun") testifies to their serviceability. The reason is that over time candles are lost by tightness and the candle which is normally working at small and average loadings with a high pressure in combustion chambers gives admissions of ignition. For this reason it is not recommended to operate candles without replacement more than 15 thousand km.