4.4.5. Replacement of working liquid in a coupling switching off hydraulic actuator

According to the recommendation of manufacturer working liquid in a hydraulic actuator of switching off of coupling needs to be replaced in 2 years.
It will be required to you: brake fluid, a hose for pumping, a key "on 10", capacity for the merged liquid.

Good advice
In a hydraulic actuator of switching off of coupling the DOT-3 or DOT-4 brake fluid is used. This liquid is hygroscopic and quickly absorbs moisture from air. The water condensed in the main and working cylinders causes corrosion of details and refusal of a hydraulic actuator therefore we recommend to replace working liquid of times a year irrespective of a run.

Do not reuse the liquid merged from system: it is polluted, saturated air and moisture. Always fill in only new liquid of that brand which was filled in before in system.
Brake fluid is hygroscopic therefore it cannot be stored in an open container.
Protect the nature! Do not merge the used brake fluid to the soil or sewer system.

1. Remove a protective cap from the valve for removal of air of the working cylinder of coupling.
2. Put on a hose the valve and lower its end in capacity with a small amount of brake fluid. Ask the assistant to press sharply a pedal of coupling of 4-5 times with intervals 1–2 with, and then to hold it pressed. Turn out the valve on 3/4 turns. Old (dirty) liquid will follow from a hose in capacity. As soon as liquid ceases to follow, wrap the valve of production of air.

Constantly you watch liquid level in a tank, without allowing its decrease to a tag of "MIN" on a tank wall as at lower level you can not notice the moment of full drainage of section of a hydraulic actuator of switching off of coupling in a tank and air will get to system. In this case it is necessary to pump over a hydraulic actuator. If necessary add new brake fluid. Thus gradual replacement of old liquid of a hydraulic system, new without drainage, is provided.

3. Repeat operation 2 before full replacement of liquid in the drive (pure liquid without vials of air has to follow from a hose).
4. After replacement of working liquid surely put on a protective cap the valve of production of air.
5. Add brake fluid to the level of a tank 15-20 mm lower than the top edge. Establish a tank stopper.