4.4.6. Replacement of oil in the transmission

The manufacturer recommends to replace oil in the transmission through 20 thousand km of a run. The volume of the oil which is filled in in the transmission makes 2,5 l.

Good advice
It is recommended to merge oil within 15 min. after a trip until it cooled down also rather liquid.

It will be required to you: a key "on 23", a face key "on 24".
1. Substitute capacity under an opening for discharge of oil from a transmission case.
2. For simplification of discharge turn out a stopper of an oil-filling opening.
3. Turn out a stopper of a drain opening and merge oil.
4. Clear a drain stopper of pollution and metal particles and establish it into place.
5. Fill by means of the syringe a transmission case with fresh oil. Fill in oil to the level of an oil-filling opening.
6. Establish a stopper of an oil-filling opening into place.