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4.6.4. Replacement of the filter of thin purification of fuel

Fig. 4.12. Filter of thin purification of fuel: 1 – the union of removal of fuel to the line of discharge; 2 – the fuel supply union from tanks; 3 – a stopper for production of air; 4 – heater; 5 – laying; 6 – the case of the filtering element; 7 – water discharge stopper; 8 – fuel temperature sensor; 9 – a hose of a supply of the purified fuel to TNVD; 10 – heater socket; 11 – a hose of removal of gate-type fuel from TNVD; 12 – perepuskny valve

1. Unscrew the case 6 (fig. 4.12) with the filtering element.
2. Grease with pure diesel fuel laying 5 on the case of the new filtering element.
3. Wrap the new case with the filtering element before contact of laying 5 with a heater 4 then tighten the filter on 1,5 turns.
4. Weaken a stopper inhaling 3 production of air, turn on the fuel pump turn of a key in the switch of devices and a starter in situation "I" and let out the air from a fuel supply system until an exit from under a stopper of the fuel which is not containing vials of air.

If after carrying out operation 4 the engine is not launched, so air got to a fuel-supply line of high pressure and a nozzle.

5. For removal of air from fuel-supply lines of high pressure wind connections of fuel-supply lines with nozzles with plaits from pure rags.
6. Weaken an inhaling of nuts of connections of fuel-supply lines of high pressure with nozzles.

Fuel-supply lines of high pressure install on the engine only once. Repeated installation does not guarantee full sealing of joints and no-failure operation of fuel-supply lines.

7. Turn a bent shaft of the engine a starter no more than 15 with until emergence of fuel from connections.
8. If necessary repeat the operation specified in item 7, but not earlier than in 1 min.
9. After removal of air from pipelines tighten nuts of their connections.