5.13.3. Replacement of oil scraper caps of valves

External sign of wear of oil scraper caps is short-term emergence of blue smoke from an exhaust pipe after launch of the engine and when braking by the engine after the long movement under loading. At the same time constant smoking usually is not observed. Indirect signs — the increased oil consumption in the absence of external leaks and greasy electrodes of spark plugs.
For replacement of oil scraper caps it is necessary to remove a head of the block of cylinders from the engine.
It will be required to you: the same tools, as when replacing laying of a head of the block, and also a passatizha, the device for compression of springs of valves, kruglogubets or tweezers for extraction of crackers of valves, a mandrel for a napressovka of oil scraper caps, the hammer.

So devices for compression of springs of valves look.

1. Remove a head of the block of cylinders (see. "Replacement of laying of a head of the block of cylinders").
2. Take a hydropusher.

Good advice
It is more convenient to take a hydropusher by means of a strong magnet or a sucker.

3. Squeeze valve springs adaptation, having enclosed from a reverse side of a head a suitable emphasis under a plate of the valve, and take out crackers from a plate of springs.
4. Remove adaptation and take out a plate of springs...
5.... and springs.
6. Remove with a stripper an oil scraper cap.

So the inertial stripper of oil scraper caps looks. The shown stripper on other end has a mandrel for a napressovka of caps.

Do not remove a cap, using passatizha or hooking it from two parties screw-drivers. The directing plug which the cap is put on is manufactured of metal ceramics therefore its edge easily breaks away.

7. Put on a valve core the mandrel from a set of oil scraper caps protecting a working edge of a cap from damage by edges the protocheck on a valve core under crackers.
8. Grease an internal surface of a new oil scraper cap with engine oil and advance a cap on a valve core to the directing plug.
9. Establish a mandrel for a cap press fitting. Easy blows quickly to a mandrel press a cap against the stop.
10. Take a safety mandrel and establish springs and crackers of valves as it should be, the return to removal.

Good advice
After installation of crackers and removal of device for compression of springs of valves strike slightly several blows with the hammer to a valve core end face that crackers were with guarantee recorded in a core pro-point. If the crackers established with a distortion remain unrecorded, the "rassukharenny" valve at launch of the engine will fail in the cylinder that will lead to serious failure of the engine.

11. Establish a hydropusher.

Good advice
Before installation of a hydropusher lower it in the container with engine oil and press several times a hydropusher sleeve until the termination of an exit of vials of air — the hydropusher has to become rigid.

12. Similarly replace oil scraper caps of other valves.
13. Install a head of the block of cylinders and all removed knots and details on the engine.