5.13.7. Replacement of laying of a final collector

At violation of tightness of laying there is a break outside of the fulfilled gases which is followed by a characteristic sound (the collector "secht"). If it is not possible to eliminate malfunction with tightening of fastening of a final collector, replace laying.
You will need a key "on 12".
1. Turn out a bolt and remove fastening of a reception pipe to an arm on the transmission.
2. Turn off eight nuts of fastening of a final collector, remove the thermoscreen of the sensor of provision of a bent shaft and take a final collector aside.
3. Remove from hairpins of laying of a final collector.
4. Carefully clear privalochny surfaces of a final collector and a head of the block of cylinders of a deposit.
5. Establish new laying and all removed details in the sequence, the return to removal.